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Why You Should Switch To Athena Club!

For those who haven't had Athena Club ads bless your social media timelines yet, I am here to tell you all about it!

Athena Club is a one stop shop for all my ladies out there...

Body care, wellness, period - they have goodies for it all! And I think you might be shocked at some of the pricing behind these high quality products!


Let me start with what I LOVE:

The Razors, I'm pretty sure this is what put Athena Club on that map... it's definitely what caught my attention!

$9 for an aesthetic razor and an extra razor blade... let's just unpack that a bit...

A chic razor with ZERO PINK TAX?! For those who don't know what the pink tax is you should totally have a look into it... it's a real thing!

Not only do I love the way the razor looks but the blade itself is a joy to use! Unlike my previous razors, this one has water-activated serum that makes for the smoothest shaving experience - I don't even need to use shaving cream for my underarms because the serum works so well!

I enjoyed these razors so much, I just went ahead and purchased them months in advance so I don't have to live without any on my travels!

If you are wanting to complete your shaving experience with Athena Club they have their own shaving cream and body lotion which I've also tried!

The shaving cream is a bit pricier than what I usually spend, almost double actually but a small amount goes a LONG way, this isn't just me saying it... nearly everyone in the reviews is loving how a dot of cream covers all the bits that need a shave! In addition it's a beautiful natural fragrance, the bottle doesn't rust (this is a feature I never knew I always wanted) and there is something more soft about their cream.


The body lotion is great but I'm not fully sold on it. I like that the lotion is quite light so you don't feel greasy afterward. If it was around $8-$10 then it would be more worth it for me given the size.

That being said, if it's your first Athena Club purchase I suggest going all out, spend the extra couple bucks and get the full experience! I'm all for finding 'little joys' in life, even if it means hiking up the bill a couple of bucks!

The Soft Face Wipes, I love having these stashed around my car, gym bag, beach bag, the airplane - literally anywhere on the go. There is a lot of controversy in the skin care world around wipes, are they good for your skin? Are they bad for the planet?

For me, I personally have noticed my skin does better when I don’t leave makeup on for too long or let sweat dry on my face after a workout - so for that reason I love having them around! (That being said, I LOVE using reusable makeup wipes at home. 10/10 would recommend)

The Athena Club face wipes have vitamins B3, B5 and E. It really is like serum in a wipe, and I can feel the vitamins doing its thing on my skin! I usually grab whatever is on the sale rack at Ross or Marshalls but after using the Athena Club brand I don't think I could go back. I love knowing what is actually in these, no fragrances and feeling a difference on my skin!

All Day Deo, the best part about this deodorant is that it is plant based and aluminum free! Even though the aluminum free, all natural Deo's have been trending for quite some time now, I only just started making the switch.

I personally do not get all day coverage from this deodorant but I read in the reviews that your body can eventually adjust to it so it does become all day coverage. I plan on finishing the entire stick before making my mind up about it but as of now, it's not my favorite. The smell is gentle, beachy and floral. I do see online that they have a No. 2 smell which sounds a better fit for me as I love the scent of rose. Maybe I'll give that one a try too?

Moving on to their wellness side of things, Athena Club currently carries two supplements; Daily Multi and Daily Probiotics.

I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting much at first, I thought for a company that {in my eyes} focuses on razors probably won't have the BEST vitamins I've ever had but I'll give it a go...


I am blown away, it beat my expectations in every way! Of course, I always start off talking about the packaging but it is the first thing you experience with the brand {other than the online experience} is it not?!

I LOVE the glass bottle design of the Daily Multi and I LOVE that when I open the bottle I don't instantly gag - their vitamins are MINTY! No fishy burps or bad breath after taking them! I actually now take them with a bunch of my other {not very pleasant smelling/tasting} vitamins and it makes the whole experience of vitamin taking way better!

I take the daily multi and probiotics together so I can't say for sure which one works better for me but what I can say is I noticed a difference within a week of taking these vitamins - and this is major because I'm someone who takes vitamins quite regularly! So it wasn't like I went from nothing to something!

I really love the probiotics too! I always thought that probiotics that needed to be refrigerated were better but these have worked wonders for me! I started taking Athena Club Daily Probiotics {mind you, I always took probiotics regularly before this} and I noticed a drastic change in my skin and in my bloating within a week!

I don't usually make this long of reviews on products. I just was REALLY BLOWN AWAY with Athena Club and am so excited to spread the word about it!

Although I got this box of goodies sent as a PR box I personally made my own purchases afterwards because I deeply, truly love their products so much and did not want to run out during my travels!

I hope you found this write up helpful, and I hope you make the switch because you deserve to spoil yourself with little joys! <3

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