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Bridal Boutique Recommendations // Florida

After trying on over 100 dresses at 6 different wedding shops and searching online for weeks, here are my favorite dress shops and why!

Cc's Bridal Boutique

Location: St. Petersburg, FL | Tampa, Florida

Cc's Bridal Boutique had very friendly staff and a super large selection to choose from! I went in there looking for more modern and trending style dresses and they probably had one of the largest selections for what I was looking for!

They also had a lot of changing rooms for brides to try on dresses which gave me the impression they had more schedule availability!

Isabel O'Neil Bridal

Location: Tampa, FL

Such a beautiful and aesthetic bridal shop! One of the coolest places to say 'Yes' to the dress I could imagine! They carry super luxurious and up-to-date styled dresses ! You will want to take home ALL OF THEM! A majority of their dresses were on the pricier side, so keep that in mind when making your rounds!

Their staff really takes their time with you, cookies and water is provided during the try-on, and they knew when to share their opinion (which I found to be super valuable).

The White Magnolia

Location: Tampa, FL | Jacksonville, FL

This is where I finally said 'YES the the dress'! Woohoo!

I actually almost wrote this location off completely since they had a lot of strange/strict rules and paperwork to go over before hand, which gave me this impression it was going to be posh - which isn't my vibe at all.

But when I arrived it felt like a totally different experience. Not only is the shop absolutely gorgeous, but the staff was so sweet and well trained!

She had exactly what I wanted to try on waiting for me, she let me and my team form our own opinions on the dress and gave her gentle opinions when asked and champagne was provided when we found "the one".

They even let us schedule another try-on appointment since I went with just my mom the first time and I wanted the proper 'Say Yes To The Dress' experience with my Maid Of Honor and both my mom and my dad! (Yes, my dad! I value his opinion so much and really wanted him there<3 )

The White Closet

Location: South Tampa, FL

I really appreciated this team because not only did they take us without an appointment, they were busy setting up for an event and still made time to work with us!

They had a huge selection of really gorgeous dresses! I was also blown away by their prices! For similar styled dresses they were a quarter of the price!

Would definitely recommend if you were looking for a more unique, glamorous dress on a smaller budget!


Some other locations I would recommend:

Malindy Elene

Location: Tampa, FL

One & Only Bridal

Location: Orlando, FL

Truly Forever Bridal

Location: Sarasota, FL


Here are some online Bridal store gems:



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