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Destination Wedding BRIDESMAID PROPOSAL Gift Ideas

So far, creating proposal boxes for my bridal team has been the most exciting out of all the planning! I've always loved to give people items that I felt fit their personality or souvenirs along my travels, so I was really eager to create a box of goodies that was in celebration of having my best friends apart of my special day!

Plus, I'll hop on any opportunity to open up Pinterest and concoct some sort of gift basket!

I found SO many proposal box styles and gift ideas that I liked but I wanted to stick with a color scheme and theme that complemented my {some what} destination wedding.

[[ If you're new here, why I said "some what" is because I live in both the U.S. and South Africa. My wedding will be in Cape Town, SA so it's a destination wedding for a majority of my guests]]

I haven't yet picked a color scheme for the wedding (I know- I'm cutting it close) BUT I did want something girly and fun so I went with pinks/coral with touches of bright green.

When choosing what to put inside the box, I wanted to pick things they could use along their travels. So with that in mind, here is what I got:


COST: $8-$10

Okay, this was not along the lines of traveling BUT it did go along with the theme of the bridal proposal get-together which was a Champagne Brunch! [[Best time ever btw. Watch the video here]]

I found this shop on Etsy and they were super quick on getting them made and shipped out to me!

The customization comes in a few different colors and you can personalize it with any name!


COST: $22

This was such a fun addition; especially since we will be going on a super epic hike in Cape Town, so to have matching BRIDE TRIBE tank tops - ugh, I loved the idea of having a unified look for a group activity!

She is super flexible with design ideas and has some great options on her shop as well!


COST: $18

The Sleepy Cottage blew my expectations with their quality and quick delivery! The masks were much thicker than expected and the custom embroidery was so beautiful in person!

I went with the palm leaves print in pink font because it matched my theme but both the print and embroidery color can be changed!


COST: $4

This was one of the first things I saw on Pinterest and I knew instantly this would make such an aesthetic addition to the proposal box! The gold foil on the pink watercolored card was so elegant and fit my theme perfectly!

I'm so glad I added a card to the boxes with personalized notes for each person because it made the experience much more personable and special. I think it really meant a lot to my ladies.


COST: $3.50

These are great for pretty much anything - not just bridal gifts. You can customize them to say just about anything and they come in 3-4 different sizes!

I loved how deep they were (even though I didn't really need the depth for this specific project) but if I made some baked goods or had bigger gifts I would have definitely made use of the extra inches!


COST: $18-$22

Since my bridal squad will be traveling to another country I thought this was a perfect personalized gift to get them excited about the trip!

They come in several gorgeous colors; I went with the gold since it complimented the other items the best!

Website: Lucky Maiden


COST: $9

This company was such a pleasure to work with! Loved how these bracelets turned out. I was worried they would look a bit cheap but they were stunning! Perfect if you were looking for a jewelry idea for all your bridesmaids for the big day! They come in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold!

I went with the Rose Gold color since the pink tone was very flattering next to all the other goodies I had packed!

I also got a couple other goodies from them for me which I really liked! Their coffee/wine tumblers and beach/weekender monogrammed bag is to die for!


COST: $3.50

The perfect destination wedding gift in my opinion! These tags came with an extra tag on it that gave you blank spaces to write the table number and name of your guest just in case you wanted to use them as the wedding gift, which I thought was really useful addition!

They had so many cute sayings to choose from on their website. I went with "& so the adventure begins" which fit so perfectly for the occasion! I loved this gift because I know everyone would really get good use out of it!

Etsy shop: Escort Tags


COST: $23 (ranges depending on the amount of letters or symbols)

This wasn't in the gift boxes but if you are having a party/get together with everyone I definitely recommend getting these! It didn't cross my mind as something I needed but when I came across them I instantly saw the vibe they would create! This made the event distinctive and extra special - making it feel more like a bridal celebration!

I had them all inflated in minutes and I'm pretty sure you could re-use them which makes them even more valuable!


I wanted to fill the box with a few other pretty things (the more decor you add the prettier the presentation is) so I went to Michaels and got some fake Peony flowers for $8. They were originally $16 but I had a 50% off coupon which they give you several times a month if you sign up for their emails!

Bath bombs and Candles from Target. The bath bombs were only $5 for 10 and the candles were about $2 a piece! I found a lot of similar priced options at Walmart, Big Lots, Ross and Marshalls.

Shredded Paper Filling is a must when creating an attractive gift box! I bought this at the Dollar Tree (for $1 per package) but noticed Michaels is competitively priced (they charge a bit more but you get a bit more). I got one package per gift and didn't think it would be enough but after put everything in the box and using the filling around it (instead of under it) it ended up being the perfect amount!

Miniature Rosé bottles added a touch of color and sophistication! I got this at Target as well, $7 for 4 bottles. I definitely feel you could find this cheaper somewhere else if you had time to look around!

I hope this got your creativity brewing and built up your excitement! If you are a crafty person this is such a fun way unleash your originality and give your bridesmaids an experience from the moment they say "Yes" to when you say "I do"!

If you're not so craft but still want to give something unique and beautiful to your loved ones, many of the companies I listed above have really decorous and tasteful customizable options that will make it look like they were created just for you!

Feel free to send me an email or DM if you have any questions! I feel like after working on my boxes for months I have a lot of tips and tricks! <3


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.43.31


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