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Cape Town: Elephant Experience

When planning a trip to Africa it's a MUST to see elephants... Everything else is irr(elephant) ;)

In Africa, there is what is known as "THE BIG 5" - these are considered the hardest to hunt animals in the world, and the most iconic animals of Africa. The Big 5 includes lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and elephants.

Indalu Game Reserve has a variety of excursions to choose from, and they are most known for their elephant interaction experience. Africa is known for its wildlife, and if you've started doing any research, you've seen the unlimited selections of places to experience the authentic and beautiful African wildlife.

After making my second trip to Indalu Game Reserve it's safe to say it is ELEPHANT HEAVEN, and if your dream is to get up, close and personal with the largest land mammal, then without any hesitation I would recommend Indalu!

To start off, the team at Indalu are the biggest sweethearts. The