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How To Make Money Off Instagram

Whether they love or hate social media one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you make money off social media?”

And I get it.

We have so many social platforms these days (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, etc.), and there are so many different styles and accounts within those outlets (travel pages, beauty pages, dog lover pages, vegan pages, vegans who love dogs pages, etc.). You are bound to be able to find your own space to express yourself. And it seems like many people are making money off of it somehow.

Now what is the trick in making some extra cash while expressing yourself? How can YOU do it?

I’m about to give away my secret.

Of course there is the most common way which is having a company personally DM you. This is great if you have a decent following, but the downfall with this is that unless you have a large following, it is more difficult to get the attention of these companies.

I started getting DM’s to collaborate with companies when I had about 6,000 followers, so don’t underestimate your following - small accounts get work too!

Then there is the other more tedious way of directly contacting brands and asking them to collaborate. The issue is they aren’t always looking for an influencer to work with, and these days they get SO many requests from accounts to collaborate that there isn’t much of a way for you to stand out (unless you have a VERY large following).

So that brings me to the latest (and in my opinion best) way of earning money through social media...


Brandsnob is an influencer marketing platform that connects influencers and companies that are actually interested in finding people to promote their product and brand!

Firstly, it is a super user friendly app.

It allows you to be creative and actually bid to the brand directly (I love this). You can put forward any ideas you have for promoting their product AND offer how much they can pay you in return!

Then, if they decide to work with you, the money gets transferred to the app directly and it is held there until the influencer fulfills their side of the agreement.

Once that is done, the money gets released immediately!

This app is a cut above the rest! I have worked with many different management companies and apps that promise similar results but NOTHING has compared to the results I have gotten from this app.

If you are a content creator or want to become an influencer I highly recommend you give this app a try!

You can download it HERE

If you have any questions on it, my inbox is always open!


Mariah McAlpin



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Thanks for taking time to read my blog post! I hope you find value in it! If you're new to seeing my content, Hi my name is Mariah! I love sharing my take on fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, bridal and more!

I have been writing + creating photo/video content since I was about 12 years old (2007) - never in my wildest dreams thinking I could be doing this as a full time job 10 years down the road.

I moved to South Africa shortly after meeting my husband and we got married 5 years later (2020)! We often travel back and forth between Florida, USA and Cape Town, South Africa - both of them home to us.

I have two puppies, Chai + Bentley. And I hope to be telling you about children some day soon!

Until then, I will keep sharing my current passions, tips + tricks, thoughts + tools for life! The adventure continues....!



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