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Passionfruit Custard Cups

HOLY BLEEP - FIREWORKS IN YOUR MOUTH! **** And easy to make!

This cheeky dessert took me by surprise, for several reasons -

Firstly, as someone who usually gravitates towards chocolate-y goodness and not usually fruity desserts, this is something I kept grabbing for... to a sickening extent (not my best moment).

Secondly, when Simone (the creator of this godly recipe) told me I’d only need 5-6 ingredients and it was easy to make. With no delay I was like “get outta here - i need this recipe”.

Lastly, after she shared her process she showed me some photos of how she presented it for a party she catered for and that was just the cherry on top - as someone who loves to bring aesthetics into hosting this checked all the boxes.


Now, I wish I had precise instructions for this recipe... but Simone does not use measuring tools - she brilliantly measures ingredients with her sense of smell.

So when I asked her for the recipe she just sent me the ingredients and said, “add to liking” - which did nothing for me because, well, cooking is NOT my forté.

So I went to her house, watched her make it and tried my best to jot down the instructions as accurately as I could. :)

So on that note - best of luck to you, I hope it turns out great for you + if you like this recipe please give my amazing friend Simone a follow on Instagram or even a simple “like” on her recent posts!

She doesn't really use social media, but I'm sure she would appreciate knowing you came to support after seeing this post!



passion fruit / granadilla


corn starch

3 HUGE Tbsp

refined sugar

2 cups


1 cup

vanilla extract

1 Tbsp


1/2 cup


(aka stuff she said you don’t need but she added this time around to spice things up)

rose water

2 Tbsp

frozen blueberries

1 pack

orange zest

orange essense

1 Tbsp

heavy whipping cream

200 ml


*** REMINDER: the measurements are just eye-balled and should be used as a reference. Add any of the ingredients to your liking or as you feel needed.



  1. Clean out 15-20 passion fruits + put into bowl *** save passionfruit shells for serving cups

  2. Boil water + pour sugar into bain-marie / “double boiler”

  3. Stir sugar for a few minutes

  4. Add in passionfruit + continue to stir while sugar melts

  5. In a separate pan, melt butter

  6. Once butter is melted, add in corn starch

  7. Stir butter + corn starch for about 1-2 minutes then lower

  8. Add vanilla extract to passionfruit (you can also add in the rose water, orange zest, orange essence at this time)

  9. * Make sure to continue stir each pan of ingredients throughout the process

  10. Add in milk to the corn starch mixture (you can also add in heavy whipping cream here)

  11. Once the corn starch mixture gets to a thicker “pudding-like” consistency then add it to the passionfruit side

  12. Stir until properly mixed

  13. Pour into a serving dish

  14. For a marble look - add in frozen blueberries on the top

  15. Let set in fridge over night

BONUS WOW: Scoop custard into passionfruit shells + add an edible flower or mint garnish! BOOM! Ready to serve! Ready to WOW!




Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.43.31


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