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15 Days in Thailand (Itinerary)

Day 1-3: Chaing Mai

Day 4-8 Koh Tao

Day 8-9: Koh Phangan

Day 10-13: Koh Phi Phi

Day 14-15: Bangkok

Chaing Mai

Chaing Mai was undoubtably my favorite stop while in Thailand! This really took me by surprise as I was sure the islands were going to be the highlight of my trip. If you want authentic Thai culture this is where you should go!

This city is FAR from paradise; it smells, it’s dirty, and it is under developed but the people are genuine, the food is great, and the nature is astonishing!

I arrived in Chiang Mai at night. I originally flew into Bangkok and took a connecting flight to Chiang Mai since I found the cheapest flight this route. ** Tip: Booking transportation within Thailand is much cheaper. I recommend purchasing your first flight or two and leave the rest for when you arrive.

Day One

Night Bazaar

Day Two

Ran-Tong Elephant Center

Night Bazaar (Round 2)

Day Three

Tiger Kingdom

Doi Suthep-Pui National Park

Zabb-e-Lee Cooking School

Day Four

Travel to Koh Tao

Hotel: The Grand Napat

Great service. Front desk spoke english (huge win). Super helpful translating for us when we booked actvities. Picked us up from the airport. Provided us with taxis and shuttles for different activities. 4 star hotel. Breakfast included.

Koh Tao

Koh Tao was my first island of the trip and I am so happy it was! After a few days of traveling with super packed days, it was nice to arrive to an island that had such a calm space. I felt like I walked into a yoga studio!

This is the ideal island for relaxation, mediation, and recreation. People are friendly but super to themselves. I highly recommend this island for those who love to scuba dive, want a private romantic getaway, or want a quite space to do yoga.

Day Four

Explored the island

Day Five


Beach hopping


Massages and Mani-Pedis

Day Six

Scuba Diving

Day Seven

More exploring… beach, temples, restaurants

More massages…

Planned our next move!

Day Eight

Day boat to Koh Phangan

Hotel: The Montra Resort

Love this hotel. Nice rooms, lovely pool area. Really loved the location of this hotel. The wifi wasn’t very good at all from our room however, if you more around the hotel you can find better connection. 4 star hotel. Breakfast included.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is great if you are going for the full moon party but if there is no full moon, there is no life on that island. Which could be great if you are looking for that sort of vibe!

I didn’t stay long on this island because there really wasn’t much to do other than lounge of the beach, which I would have totally done if I didn’t spend so much time doing that in Koh Tao. By this point I was fully recharged ready for the next adventure (man, it’s great to be young)!

Day Eight

Dinner at Mama Poohs

Day Nine

Secret Beach

Explore island

Night boat to Koh Phi Phi

Hotel: Sunset Hill Resort

If you want a bomb a** sunset every evening, this hotel is calling your name! It has an awesome infinity pool over-looking the island and the sun sets right down the middle. All you’re missing is a cocktail… oh wait, nope not that either; they have pool side bar just a stone throw away with a dope bartender (whose probably not there anymore, but if he is, say hi to Pat for me!)

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi was one of the islands I heard about since day one. It is “thee island to be at” and I don’t know why I just did air quotes because it totally is! This island is everything you were probably expecting when planning a trip to Thailand. Parties. Boat trips. Restaurants. Fire dancers. Bucketttttssssss, lots of buckets….

Day Ten

Beach day

Signed up for boat tours

Beach parties

Day Eleven

Day Boat Tour - Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, Mosquito Island, and more…

Beach parties

Day Twelve

Day Boat Tour

Hike up to View Point

Beach parties

Day Thirteen

Half Day Boat Tour

Boat and flight to Bangkok

Hotel: Garden View Bungalow

I’m not sure I would necessarily recommend this hotel. It is great if you are just looking for a place to sleep (which is exactly what I was looking for since I just decided to go to Koh Phi Phi 10 hours prior to boarding the night boat) but not if you want to spend lots of time in your hotel. It was a bit of a walk from where the action was which sucked during the day but at night I got some peace and quite away from the night parties.


Bangkok was super underwhelming for me but to be completely honest I am not sure if I settled in long enough to full enjoy it. I only had 24 hours to explore the city. I would recommend visiting Bangkok in the beginning of your trip because after the islands nothing quite compares.

Day Fourteen

Chatuchak Market

Koh San Road

Day Fifteen

Visited the palaces

Hotel: Airbnb

Read my thoughts on Airbnb - here -


Mariah McAlpin


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