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Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is great if you are going for a Full Moon Party but if there is no full moon, there is no life on that island. Which could be great if you are looking for that sort of vibe!

I didn’t stay long on this island because there really wasn’t much to do other than lounge of the beach, which I would have totally done if I didn’t spend so much time doing that in Koh Tao. By this point I was fully recharged ready for the next adventure (man, it’s great to be young)!

What To Do:

* Dinner at Mama Poohs

This restaurant is iconic! It looks like a junk yard but don't let it fool you. Mama Pooh made some of the best food we had in Thailand - homemade Thai food! They now have a Trip Advisor banner outside the restaurant but before it was a bit harder to find. It literally looks like a junk yard, with a bunch of old refrigerators, microwaves and I don't want to know else.

It's not all that way though, they cleared some space for a dining area with little tables over a small stream which is really cute.

You don't want to miss out on this restaurant while you're there so make sure to go early! Even with the island empty like a ghost town it filled up at night! #NotSponsored

* Secret Beach

This beach is so charming! One of my favorite beaches visited while in Thailand. They have random swings along the beach and a restaurant right on the water. There was something really special about that place.

* Night Boat

Take a night boat to your next destination if you are up for an adventure! It saves you traveling time and money that you would have spent on a hotel. I personally didn't find it bad at all but I also purposely didn't think too much into it. I'm sure the mats you sleep on are grotestic beyond belief but like I said, just don't think about it. *smiles while eye twitches*

What To Expect:

• Full Moon Parties.

• Not much to do if there isn't a Full Moon Party.

• Highly recommend renting a scooter to get around.

• If you are going during a Full Moon Party book your stay ahead of time but if you aren't then feel free to book the hotel a day or two prior like we did.

Where To Stay:

Sunset Hill Resort

If you want a bomb a** sunset every evening, this hotel is calling your name! It has an awesome infinity pool over-looking the island and the sun sets right down the middle. All you’re missing is a cocktail… oh wait, nope not that either; they have pool side bar just a stone throw away with a dope bartender (who's probably not there anymore, but if he is, say hi to Pat for me!)


Mariah McAlpin


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