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BEAUTY HACK! Ft. Beauty Junkees

If you are anything like me, 80% of your make up collection is from a drug store brand, and the other 20% is due to an impulse buy because you saw a super gorgeous MUA (makeup artist) on YouTube use it… You then thought, “DANG I can make that work!” only to be disappointed when you realized you didn't quite "make that work".

And if you aren’t quite like me and you like to TREAT YO SELF to some high-end makeup while actually making it work, then girl teach me your ways 'cause I'm desperate!

Either way, this blog post (I think) will be super beneficial to both the makeup gurus and the newbies!

I originally found this brand over a year ago when I was binge watching makeup tutorials on YouTube (because evidentially the fact you were born with lady parts doesn't automatically mean you know how to powder your face). Anyway, a MUA on YouTube recommended Beauty Junkees for the most affordable yet best dupe for a Beauty Blender.

I went ahead and bought the 4 piece Pro Beauty Sponge set for around $12... Let me remind you ladies, the actual Beauty Blender itself is around $20 for ONE sponge...

Now, I gave this sponge a try, and I absolutely fell in LOVE!

It worked SO perfectly and, to my surprise, I really took advantage of all the different styles of sponges!

Later in the year, I tried my friend's Beauty Blender and I could hardly tell the difference! Honestly, if she didn't tell me it was a Beauty Blender I probably wouldn't have known – but again I am NOT a makeup guru, I'm just a normal girl who watches WAY too many beauty tutorials.

Anywho, the $3 sponge was just as effective as the $20 one. This really put Beauty Junkees on my radar, so I decided to try a few more of their products!

I tried the (5 piece) Contour and Highlighting Makeup Brush Set; a new Pink Teardrop Makeup Sponge ('cause your girl has had hers for over a year, and even though it is still in perfect condition, the idea of having the same one kinda grosses me out); two shades in the Liquid Lipstick Collection; and the Contour and Highlighting Palette.

I did a little recon so I could give you guys a good, honest review on these products. I went to Target and Sephora to compare Beauty Junkees' 5 piece Contour and Highlighting Makeup Brush Set to similar brushes from Target and Sephora’s stores.

Beauty Junkees' brushes were far better than Target's (but what did I expect), and they were comparable to most of the brushes at Sephora. Sephora has a large price range of brushes, and I found the quality of Beauty Junkees’ brushes compared quite nicely to any of Sephora’s brush kits ranging from $20-$80. This is super impressive considering Beauty Junkees’ brush set is only $21.97.

I'm really enjoying the Contour and Highlighting Palette because it has so many shades to choose from. Because I am either in front of a computer all day and night or on a tropical island all day and night, my skin color changes quite often, and it becomes a bit of a hassle to go shopping for a new shade every time. This way I can experiment with my own shade which is super convenient!

I haven't had the best luck with powders (probably user error), so I'm not the best when it comes to judging powdered products, but what I can say is that I really like how this blends out, and it seems to be really working for me! And for $24.97 I don't mind using as much product as is needed to perfect the contour!

Now onto the Liquid Lipstick which I am BEYOND in love with and plan on wearing every day of my life! The pigments in these glosses are SO beautiful. They also stay on longer than most of my lipsticks (because I am not that invested into makeup, I can only compare it to a few of my Tarte Liquid Lipsticks and drugstore dupes, but it's still a huge win for me)!

In a nut shell, I was really excited to find such an awesome company that has great products for an affordable price! I hope this gives you some helpful insight!

Use the discount code: MARIAHMC for 25% off your entire order!

Expires 11.30.17

Yours in honest reviews,

Mariah McAlpin



Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.43.31


Thanks for taking time to read my blog post! I hope you find value in it! If you're new to seeing my content, Hi my name is Mariah! I love sharing my take on fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, bridal and more!

I have been writing + creating photo/video content since I was about 12 years old (2007) - never in my wildest dreams thinking I could be doing this as a full time job 10 years down the road.

I moved to South Africa shortly after meeting my husband and we got married 5 years later (2020)! We often travel back and forth between Florida, USA and Cape Town, South Africa - both of them home to us.

I have two puppies, Chai + Bentley. And I hope to be telling you about children some day soon!

Until then, I will keep sharing my current passions, tips + tricks, thoughts + tools for life! The adventure continues....!



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