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Klapa Resort - Uluwatu, Bali (Review)

Uluwatu was one of the last places added to my Bali itinerary.

[read more about my time in Uluwatu here]

I actually didn't plan on going to Uluwatu until about a week or two before leaving, when I decided to team up with Klapa Resort and see what their accommodation had to offer, and I'm so glad I did!

Aside from Uluwatu being one of my favorite locations in Bali, it was so nice to relax and enjoy a nice facility like Klapa Resort for my last couple of days in Indonesia!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the most friendly staff who had complimentary drinks waiting for us! This was much needed, especially after driving an hour in a hot and humid taxi from Seminyak. *first world problems, right?

The hotel was clean, beautiful and spacious - just as shown online! If you haven't seen their hotel yet you should definitely check it out! I will also attach some photos and a video from my stay!

You can find their website and booking options here ->

Just to get you caught up, Klapa is a 5 star hotel located in Uluwatu on the edge of Pecatu Hill, which has the absolute best view for sunset! They are also one of the few hotels that have a golf course! I personally don't play golf but the golf course balcony view wasn't bad on the eyes!

What You Should Know

A fun little fact I've learned when traveling to more up-and-coming destinations or places that are a bit less developed is that their ratings when it comes to service and hotels can be a bit different than other places such as the U.S.

The U.S. has a very high standard for hotels that call themselves 5 stars. The service, look-and-feel, food, activities, and just about everything the hotel has to offer has to be nearly perfect!

This is not the case for everywhere in the world so, to be fair, keep this in mind when booking!

Klapa Resort is perfect for someone who feels most comfortable in a 3.5/4 star hotel! You can take a read of my list of pro's and con's and let me know what you think!

Klapa Resort was definitely one of my most enjoyable hotel stays while in Bali!

The YASSSS-es:

- The facility was clean

- The staff were super friendly

- The staff went out of their way to help

- The deck & pool area was really nice (note: the pool is smaller than it looks in photos)


- Great pillows, bedding and blankets

- Pretty yummy food

- Great wifi (but in limited areas)

- Complimentary drink coupons

- Welcome drink upon arrival

- Spacious rooms

- Great balcony view

- Beautiful bathroom

- Great AC and hot water

- They gave us free late checkout since we had a late check-in

- Great music at the roof top bar

If I were to be picky:

- Airport pick up/drop off not included

- Underwhelming breakfast buffet

- Not all rooms have good wifi

- Doesn't have taxi or scooters available (but they do offer to call an outside agent)

- 8-10 minute drive to leave resort area to get to the main road

- A bit far from the main area of Ubud, but this could also be a pro for some people

- Water pressure wasn't great from actual shower head in our room, but was good coming from the removable hand-held shower head


Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.43.31


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