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16 Things To Do In Tokyo

1. Akihabara

A bustling shopping hub renowned for its plethora of electronics retailers, anime merchandise, and vibrant arcades, making it a haven for tech enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados alike.

2. Benizuru Pancake

Known for serving some of the jiggliest and most indulgent pancakes in Tokyo, Benisuru Pancake offers a delightful culinary experience at its location in Nishiasakusa, Taito City, Japan.

3. Strongest Matcha Ice Cream (Tokyo)

Indulge in the rich and intense flavors of matcha at Suzukien Asakusa, where they serve what is hailed as the "Strongest Matcha Ice Cream" in Tokyo, delighting visitors with its bold taste.

4. Sensō-ji

Tokyo's oldest temple, dating back to 645 AD, Sensō-ji stands as a symbol of tradition and spirituality, attracting visitors with its serene ambiance and profound historical significance.

5. Meiji Shrine

As one of Tokyo's most popular shrines, Meiji Shrine holds cultural and spiritual significance, drawing visitors to its tranquil grounds nestled amidst the bustling city, offering a serene retreat.

6. Kakigori Shop → Michelin-Starred Chef

Experience the exquisite delights of shaved ice at Azuki to Kouri, where traditional kakigori transforms into a culinary art form by a Michelin star chef. ** Reservations needed.

7. Soba House Konjiki-Hototogisu

Savor the authentic taste of homemade noodles at Soba House Konjiki-Hototogisu, where skilled artisans craft each dish with precision and dedication, providing a culinary journey through Japanese tradition.

8. 2D Restaurant

Step into the whimsical world of the 2D Cafe, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, where patrons can immerse themselves in a surreal dining experience amidst cartoon-like surroundings, blending fantasy with gastronomy.

9. Kabukicho/Shinjuku Golden Gai

Explore the vibrant nightlife of Kabukicho, Tokyo's adult-oriented district, where lantern-lit alleys are adorned with small clubs, smoky pubs, and late-night snack bars, creating an atmosphere of excitement and intrigue.

10. Shibuya Sky

Offering breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo, Shibuya Sky is a must-visit destination, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience high above the bustling city streets.
** Book tickets through

11. Mag’s Park Rooftop

Enjoy the best vantage point of Tokyo's busiest crosswalk at Mag's Park Rooftop, where you can capture stunning views of Shibuya Crossing, immersing yourself in the energy of the city below. ** They charge an entrance fee

12. Harajuku

Explore the trendy streets of Harajuku, known for its unique fashion scene and eclectic atmosphere, with highlights including the iconic Galaxy Building and a plethora of quirky boutiques.

13. Tokyo Tower

An iconic symbol of the city skyline, Tokyo Tower offers panoramic views of Tokyo's sprawling metropolis, providing a memorable experience for visitors and locals alike. Also a great spot to see cherry blossoms when in season!

14. Best Sushi (Affordable)

Savor the flavors of authentic sushi at affordable prices across multiple locations in Tokyo, with renowned establishments like Sushi No Midori Ginza offering a culinary journey through Japan's culinary heritage. There is a SUPER long line to get in, most days, so go early to grab a number and then explore the mall while your number is waiting to be called.

15. Train Cafe - Onibus Cafe

Embark on a unique dining experience at Onibus Cafe, nestled in Meguro City, Tokyo, where patrons can enjoy artisanal coffee and delectable treats in a cozy setting reminiscent of a vintage train carriage.

16. TeamLab Borderless

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of digital art at TeamLab Borderless, an innovative art museum where boundaries between art and technology blur, offering a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.