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Dagne Dover: Worth The Hype & Price Point For Travel?

I held elevated hopes for this brand. With its captivating marketing, stylish designs, and enticing product range, it stood as both a sought-after review subject and a label I've eagerly yearned to experience for an extended period.

However, the stumbling block: the price.

For me, the brand consistently resided slightly above the price range I was willing to invest merely for an experimental assessment of its alignment with my expectations. I know a lot of you have felt the same way, which is why there's been so much buzz about reviewing it. So, I hope this review helps you decide if it's actually worth spending your hard-earned money on.


From their range I have picked up: their neoprene backpack, tech organizer and travel jewelry organizer so my review will be based on these 3 products.



Durability and Quality

- Distinctive Neoprene Fabric: They've gone for a cool neoprene fabric that gives these items a unique vibe and a texture you can't help but notice. And get this – it's not just about looks, this fabric is like the superhero of durability. I mean, even on those days when I'm not the gentlest with my stuff, I've got peace of mind knowing these things can handle it like a champ. Oh and it's also water-resistant! This is the kind of thing that's like a hidden treasure, especially in a backpack. If you're someone who plans to use it for all sorts of stuff, this feature is an absolute gem.

- Robust Zippers: The zippers are undeniably heavy-duty, contributing to the products' longevity. This strength, while occasionally posing a mild challenge in zipping, is a compromise I'm willing to make for the assurance of long-lasting quality.

- Vegan-Friendly: Notably, the entire range is 100% vegan, catering to those who prioritize products that align with their values.

- Fabric Vulnerabilities: There's potential for the fabric to incur dents and pilling over time. Although I personally haven't encountered this issue, it's worth noting. However, there are effective solutions like steaming out dents and utilizing a fabric shaver to eliminate fuzz balls and pills.

Comfort and Fit

Naturally, let's zoom in on backpacks for a moment. This brand doesn't just dabble – they've got a trio of backpack sizes that practically roll out the red carpet for finding your perfect match. I snagged the large size and the anticipation for testing out the other two sizes is almost too much to handle.

Speaking of the large one, it's my newfound travel buddy. It's got that Goldilocks zone of space, just right for tagging along as a personal item on flights. Plus, my 14" MacBook slips right in like it's its new home.

And let's talk comfort – because finding a backpack that treats my shoulders kindly when I'm hauling a ton is like finding a unicorn. Still on the search but from the moment I unzipped this backpack, I was in awe of the straps. To put it quite basically: they are VERY squishy. Seeing these straps, and even with their comfort, I'm beginning to suspect it might just be me and my underwhelming shoulder strength when it comes to lugging around heavy loads.

Storage and Organization

If you're the type who's all about staying organized (like me), then Dagne Dover is your absolute match made in heaven. These three goodies have been a storage and organization dream to work with.

Let's break it down:

Frankie Jewelry Case: I went with the small size since I'm not a huge fan of hauling around bling while traveling. But let me tell you, this little organizer has changed my tune. Now I wish I'd gone for the bigger version, because it turns jewelry-toting into a joy. No tangles, everything's visible at a glance, and the real kicker? No more leaving my precious pieces vulnerable on the vanity, just waiting for my husband's accidental sink-swipe.

Arlo Tech Organizer: Listen, I've always been the tech-geek who craves order, especially on the go. This organizer has taken my neat-freak tendencies to the next level. Every gadget's got its snug spot, ready for action in my backpack. And swapping my daily tech essentials between bags? Piece of cake now.

Dakota Neoprene Backpack: Let's talk compartments – this backpack has more hidey-holes than I knew what to do with, at first. But guess what? Now I'm addicted. No more vanishing act for tiny things in a big bag. It's like my gear found its own personal condos. It comes with 2 bonus bags -- one for your shoes and another for small items. I figure I can show you better than I can tell you, check out the video for the full scoop →

Price and Longevity

These past few years have taught me a valuable lesson: those sayings like "Buy cheap, buy twice," "You get what you pay for," and "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten" are more true than I ever realized. I've wasted so much money on cheap stuff, thinking I was being smart, only to end up buying the same things again and again.

Dagne Dover, though, has cracked the code. They're known for creating products that stick around for the long haul, and that's what won me over. I used to think they were a bit on the pricey side, but now I'm wondering why they aren't charging even more!


If you were on the fence before, I hope this tipped the scales because you will NOT be disappointed with your purchase! Their designs are like a mix of classy and classic – the kind that never goes out of style. And even though I'm confident these things will last, I'm already itching to grab more in different colors, sizes, and styles!

**** I do want to add that this is NOT A SPONSORED POST. The brand will not see this review and they did not tell me to write one. I simply love a brand that provides exchange in abundance and since I get so many questions about Dagne Dover I figured it deserved a permanent spot on the blog!





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