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4 Reasons I've Stayed With This Razor Brand

At the risk of sounding old, when I was a kid there weren't many razor brands available - let alone, all the color ranges, styles, subscriptions, etc. And since I didn't know better I thought razor burn was just an inevitable part of shaving. I used the same razor as my mom, dad, and sister and no one else mentioned anything about it either.

I was stuck with my subpar razor until I saw an ad for Athena Club and knew I had to get it right away. Well, that was 4 years ago and I’m still an avid subscriber to Athena Club today. Here’s why…


1. The aesthetic + functionality

I am a sucker for a cute aesthetic - to the point where I have 3 different colored razors from Athena Club because they are just SO cute! They are all in nearly perfect condition and I feel like they'd last forever, but your girl can't say no to a limited edition color! That being said, Athena razors don't just walk the walk, they talk the talk - the way it feels in the hand is *chef’s kiss*. I love the petite-ness and handle material that gives it a non-slip grip.

2. No more razor burns

The water-activated moisturizing serum that surrounds the 5 blades is key to giving me the smoothest shave ever. I know I’m supposed to use shaving foam as well but honestly, I don’t always make that extra effort and it’s not the end of the world. All the fancy razors have this for good reason, it really does make a HUGE difference in your shaving experience + feeling of your skin. Say Goodbye to razor burn!

3. Auto-ship replacement blades

I'm not going to lie... I don't know if I'm lazy or stingy when it comes to buying new razors but I hate doing it. I will re-use the same blade until it gets as dull as a hairbrush if it means avoiding the hassle of buying more. So for me, having a subscription program chosen specifically around how much I shave keeps me living the 'hot girl summer' vibe all year round.

4. Magnetic holder

So, this was what originally sold me on the Athena Club razor and it still gives me so much joy to use. It’s such a simple thing, but before Athena Club, my razors would sit on the edge of my shower and get all gunky and gross. I probably had to discard a bunch before their time because they didn’t look ok to use. Now, Athena Club’s matching holder, keeps my razor dry and the blades stay sharper for longer.

The Takeaway

Nowadays there are many razor brands out there to choose from. But I don’t think any brand compares to Athena Club. I have used Athena Club razors for 5 years and I cannot recommend them enough. From the aesthetic to the superior performance, Athena Club ticks all the boxes for me.

If you have any questions, you know my DMs are always open!


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